Art’s Symposion

Project: Art’s Symposion
Location: Athens, Greece
Year: 2023
Project Design Team:
Katerina Pagalou, Erini Pagalou

Located in the heart of the city, Art’s Symposion, is inspired by the symposium, a social gathering in Ancient Greece.

Art’s Symposion, is a showroom of avant garde tabletop equipment, creating an elegant and distinctive touch on the table.

The industrial element dominates the space, using metallic structures, such as the “Rain” showcase, that creates a higher ceiling illusion and features the showroom’s products.

The use of the durable materials, such as, the copper rusty look of the selves and the cement mortar, enhances the industrial aesthetic and combined with the terrazzo flooring lightens up the space.

The walnut wood monastery style table in the middle, exudes warmth and sophistication, balancing the cement and the metallic elements of the space.