OVERARC STUDIO is a contemporary firm, consisted of a creative and highly talented team of interior designers and architects, based in Glyfada, Athens.

Curvy lines have long been associated with femininity. By embracing the natural curves of the female body, a space acquires a sense of warmth, comfort and intimacy that is both inviting and inspiring.

OVERARC STUDIO offers a unique blend of architectural and interior design services, as well as personalized tabletop design, styling and menu consultancy services, all delivered with an innovative approach that is focused on creating exceptional hospitality experiences.

We collaborate with highly experienced and innovative team of culinary experts , that provide menu advisory , in order to elevate, enrich and complete an F&B venue’s operation.

Katerina Pagalou

She was born in Athens and completed her studies in Interior Architecture school of University of West Attica.

She was a part of an international architectural firm and participated in a variety of large-scale projects globally, at the outset of her career, she initiated her personal design portfolio and spearheaded innovative projects while the idea of OVERARC STUDIO was born.

The feminine approach and the curves of the female body was the inspiration for OVERARC STUDIO, founded in 2023 with Erini Pagalou.

Erini Pagalou

She was born in Athens and completed her studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management school of Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, she has spent several years immersed in the dynamic world of yachting, internationally.

Her expertise in tabletop design, styling and decoration was an inspiration to create a studio that combines all of these elements with the architecture and interior design. Along with Katerina Pagalou, they founded OVERARC STUDIO in 2023.